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Why digital business cards?

Always with you

Show your digital card from your mobile, you don't need to download an application. Your digital business card always with you!


Share your card with anyone, simply show your QR code or send the link by email or social networks.


Make a great first impression and stand out from the crowd. Get a WoW effect!


Big changes in small septs. Achieve your SDGs, reduce your carbon footprint!

all your accounts

Mycontact goes beyond the basic data found on traditional business cards.
Include your photo, connect your website, Linkedin, Youtube...
Any place where you have a presence! 

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Share it
with anyone

Share your card with anyone without the need for an app. There are multiple ways to share your card.

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Allows people to easily download your contact information and save in their address book.

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Customizable & Always up-to-date

Customize colors and logos that bring your business digital cards to life.

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Digital cards for teams

Customize and manage your team's cards from our dashboard. Discover usage insights with mycontact's report with traffic and number of clicks per link. Ready to stop wasting paper?

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